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Tobacco Bursa

Tobacco Bursa

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Bursa is one of the largest and heaviest producing varieties of Turkish tobacco, growing up to 8' with 30-34 harvestable leaves per plant. The dark green spade-shaped leaves are heavy and average 10" by 16". Because of the plants' tall columnar form, it may need staking in windy areas to avoid tipping. Blooming occurs at 65-70 days.

The unique flavor is spicy and sweet and the smoke is fragrant and highly aromatic.

The nicotine level is fairly high for a Turkish variety. Bursa is an excellent tobacco for a pipe or blending in cigarettes.

The seeds do not need any pretreatment.  Light germinator. The seeds have to be sprinkled on the substrate and pressed slightly in. Likes a sunny and warm place (15 to 20°C). It should be moist all the time but not wet. Germination occurs after 1 to 3 weeks. It grows nearly on each substrate and is quite undemanding.

Price is for 100 seeds

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