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Amaranthus Velvet Curtains

Amaranthus Velvet Curtains

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Amaranthus Velvet Curtains

Amaranthus cruentus 'Velvet Curtains' provides intense crimson foliage and inflorescence. The dramatic plants with large plumes of flowers, ideal for a sunny, sheltered border. Flower heads will turn to seed and retain their colour for a long season of interest.
The branching plumes stand upright and grow to a height of around 120cm (48in) tall. It is easily grown in even poor soil and can handle a variety of conditions, both humid and dry.

Amaranth seed is still grown and sold as a health food. The leaves are rich in Vitamin C and iron with a taste rather like spinach, and the gluten-free seeds have a nutty flavour are high in protein and calcium.
The seeds can be eaten as a cereal grain, ground into flour, popped like popcorn or cooked into porridge. Use it to replace up to ¼ of the flour in any bread recipe for a protein-rich, gluten-free enhancement. They have 30 per cent more protein value than rice, wheat flour, oats and rye, and is perfect for vegetarians and vegans, so it may well become an essential crop of the future.

Price is for 40 Seeds

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