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Amorpha Fruicosa

Amorpha Fruicosa

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Amorpha Fruicosa is a Honey and medicinal plant.

It can also be used for erosion and wind control.

Bees visit the flowers of the bush collecting mainly nectar and less pollen. The yield of honey from 1 decare is 86 kg.

For medicinal purposes, The seeds of the fruits contain amopfigenin, phtysin.
Activities and applications.

The biological activity of the fetus is different from amopfigenin, which has a predominantly inhibitory action. The bioelectrical activity of the brain stem is lost. The drug was created, which is useful in neurotic diseases of various origin (disorders of the cardiovascular system, dystonia, non-compulsory papocysm oral taxidia).

It strongly attracts bees and the honey is of high quality. That is why it is revered among beekeepers.



Amorphata is a broad-leaved, deciduous flowering shrub with a relatively smooth trunk, the main stems are light green and hairy. The leaves are odd-ovate, elliptic-oval. There is a well-developed wood-copper system. The flowers are small, purple-violet, with golden-yellow stamens. Blooms in May - July. The fruit is a brown bean, 7-9 mm long and 3 mm long, fruiting in August - October. Honeycomb, uncluttered. All parts contain a substance that repels insects and protects it from pests.

Price is for 5 seeds

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