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Berzelia Intermedia

Berzelia Intermedia

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This soft leafed 1.5 m tall shrub has distinctive white ball-shaped flowers with bright red fleshy outgrowth in summer. It occurs in flat damp area near streams, marshes and seepages in sandy loam soil.

Seeds treated with smoke extract, sown in autumn and must be kept moist in shaded area. Cuttings made in later summer, autumn and spring using rooting hormone, heat and mist.

 Seed is sown in early autumn (February to March) and should be treated with smoke extract before sowing. Seed trays must be kept moist and shaded.
Grow Berzelia species in a well ventilated, semi-shaded to fully sunny position amongst other moisture loving fynbos species. They do best in acidic soils that are moist but well-drained. The soils should contain organic matter such as compost or leaf mould. Berzelia abrotanoides is fairly hardy, but water the plants well during dry seasons. After flowering, prune them lightly to maintain and encourage a compact bushy growth form.

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