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Chili Pasilla Bajio

Chili Pasilla Bajio

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The Pasilla Bajio originated in Mexico and is used in the famous Mexican Mole sauce. With Pasilla meaning 'Raisin' in Mexican, this chilli got its name due to its deep brown colour and wrinkly skin.

The Pasilla Bajio is most commonly used in sauces, or is dried and powdered. It is mild, measuring between 1,000 to 4,000 Scoville Heat Units and has a distinct smokey flavour, with cocoa and berry undertones.

The pods mature from a dark green to a deep brown - pods should be picked and processed as soon as the colour starts to change, as they don't last long once they turn brown.

Known as Chilaca in its fresh state, or Pasilla Bajio in it's dried and powdered states.

Price is for 10 seeds

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