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Chili Pimiento De Padron

Chili Pimiento De Padron

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Pimientos de Padron chilli seeds. This is an amazing chilli that looks quite ordinary, but if prepared in typical tapas style, you may find yourself dreaming about this pepper in your sleep! Traditionally picked while still green, these peppers are best cut up in chunks and grilled on a griddle pan with extra virgin olive oil. Serve warm a little charred with fresh olive oil and salt. So simple, yet so delicious! Heat wise these peppers have a medium heat. Occasionally there is one or two in a bunch that pack a bit more heat, which adds to the fun when serving a plate of these delicious snacks.  Flavour when green is herbaceous and lush vegetative flavours. When fully ripe, these chillies will turn red. Flavour when red is sweeter and fruitier. But this chilli is typically picked and eaten when still green

Price is for 10 seeds

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