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Coix Lacryma-Jobi

Coix Lacryma-Jobi

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Traditionally this versatile plant has three main uses. The first is as a bead, the second as a food, and the third as a medicine, particularly as a cancer treatment.

Let’s start with the bead. It is used as rosary beads all around the world, even today.

Like many hard seeds, it has a long history of decorative use, but unlike every single other one, this fella comes pre-drilled ready to thread.

All the others need to be drilled, traditionally taking hours, days or weeks, but these seeds are actually a hollow bead shaped pod, and the “seed” is hiding in this shell.

They come in a few different natural colours, mostly black or dark purple, some grey, some white and a few a splotchy or striped combinations of all. They can be dyed, painted and polished and look really cool as is I reckon. Just pull them from the plant and thread them on a string.

Used as a staple food crop throughout Asia, particularly China, Korea and Japan.

Often called Chinese pearl barley, Adlay, Ma Yuen, St Mary’s tears, Yiren, Yimi, David’s tears, Saint Mary’s tears, Lacryma Christi, Christ’s tears, Tear drops or Coix Barley, it is used as a flour for baking breads deserts pastries, for making tea, or roasted in coffee like drinks and as a grain for making a heavenly broth, soups, stews, noodle and bean dishes.


price is for 10 seeds

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