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Eulophia streptopetala orchid

Eulophia streptopetala orchid

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Eulophia streptopetala
orchids seeds

Eulophia streptopetala, a rare orchid native to South Africa, up to 1 m height, with yellow, green and purplish-brown flowers USDA Zone 9. The orchid family is one of the largest families of flowering plants with more than 20000 species worldwide. Orchids are growing from the tropics to the subarctic zone. Native to South Africa are over 450 orchid species. 

Orchid seeds are very small almost like dust and therefore not really countable. The amount of seeds will be between 50 - 100+ 

There are 4 methods of

sowing orchid seeds : 

1. Sowing the orchid seeds next to an orchid from the same genus
2. Sowing on a piece of bark
3. Sowing the orchid seeds using the so-called 'towel method'
4. Sowing over boiling water

All 4 procedures are described in detail on the website of the Orchid Forum:
Orchid Forum

price is for approx 50 seeds.

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