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Disa Graminifolia

Disa Graminifolia

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Slender plant up to 60cm tall with radical (arising from the base of the stem), grass-like leaves that are dry at flowering. Inflorescence lax with 2-6 blue to violet-purple flowers, with petal apices often green and lip dark purple. The 2-4mm long spur is club-shaped. Flowers often sweetly scented. It is thought that the orchid is pollinated by carpenter bees which mistake the brilliant blue flowers for a source of nectar.

Germination Techniques: Botanists use two techniques to germinate orchid seeds. The first, symbiotic germination, is a complicated process that requires use of mycorrhizal fungi, as described above. The second, asymbiotic germination, involves germinating seeds in vitro, using agar, a jellylike substance that contains necessary nutrients and growth hormones. Asymbiotic germination, also known as flasking, is easier, quicker, and more reliable for growing orchids from seed at home.

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