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Dorotheanthus Bellidiformis

Dorotheanthus Bellidiformis

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Dorotheanthus bellidiformis is another popular plant better known to gardeners by its former name, Mesembryanthemum. It is a low-growing annual with often reddish stems and fleshy, rubbery, greyish-green leaves, both covered in transparent bobbles which give rise to the common name of Ice Plant, as the plant looks as if it is covered in tiny beads of ice. Plants form dense mats and in summer carry many daisy-like flowers in bright colours on stems to about 3" long. Dorotheanthus bellidiformis is a useful plant for growing on sunny slopes, between paving, or in bare patches in the rockery. Flowers only open in the sun, so it needs a sunny position, but it is tolerant of dry, poor soil.

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