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Drosanthemum Hispidum

Drosanthemum Hispidum

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Drosanthemum hispidum, Hairy Dewflower, is a vigorous free-flowering mat-forming member of the Aizoaceae from southern Africa with bright magenta flowers. It has tiny cuticular papillae on the chubby suculent leaves giving rise to its 'hairy' common name. It grows quickly and is hardy in most of the UK providing it has a very gritty free-drainig substrate. Drosanthemum hispidum resembles a Delosperma and is sometimes seen listed as Delosperma hispida. It is ideal scrambling through a rockery, a gravel garden or tumbling over a stone wall. It is also ideal grown in a hanging container or sprawling over the edge of a tall terracotta long tom.

They grow easily from seed. To speed up germination, allow the seeds to soak in hot water for a day before sowing. Do not boil the seeds in the water. Sow seeds in autumn or summer in a seed tray of river sand, scatter over a large area, as overcrowding of seeds will cause damping off. Care should be taken to sprinkle the sown area lightly with river sand. Place seed tray in a sunny position, keep the soil medium moist (use a mist sprayer) and after two weeks the seeds will germinate

Price is for 5 seeds.

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