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Gloriosa Superba Yellow

Gloriosa Superba Yellow

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Gloriosa Superba Yellow

Gloriosa Superba yellow is a deciduous summer climber reaching up to 1.5 m in height with bulbous roots. Slender stems are produced annually and are erect for climbing and can grow up to 4 m in length. The tubers sprout in spring and the tuber forms 1 to 6 stems. The leaves are shiny, light green, and end with a mustache that clings to whatever it touches. The stems die in late summer and the tubers remain dormant in winter. Plants form several large stunning flowers that resemble orchid flowers. The flowers are yellow or red-yellow (basic superba form), bisexual, six-pinned, growing from the axillaries of the upper leaves on 10-15 cm long stalks, individually or several collected in an umbellate. The number of flowers corresponds roughly to the length of the rhizome expressed in centimeters. All parts are poisonous, especially the tubers (thickened roots) which resemble sweet potatoes. This plant is highly toxic and can be fatal if eaten.

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