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Greyia Sutherlandia

Greyia Sutherlandia

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Greyia Sutherlandia

Greyia sutherlandii is a large shrub or small tree, 3 to 7 m high. It is deciduous and in late autumn the leaves turn shades of bright red. Young trees are compact and old trees do not grow tall but they spread and have rough, dark trunks. The leaves are simple, alternate, rather leathery, slightly lobed and coarsely toothed. The leaf surface is hairless and minutely glandular. The leaf veins radiate from the base. The leaf stalk is long and straight.

The beautiful flowers are red, with oblong petals and long protruding stamens. The showy flowers open in closely packed racemes at the tips of the branches and bloom towards the end of winter, in spring and into early summer.

Greyia sutherlandii is relatively hardy, and fairly drought resistant. Under suitable conditions with well-drained soil and good aeration, it is a fast grower but may not grow taller than 3 m in a garden.

Sow seed in March in a seed tray of well-drained soil. Treat seed with fungicide to prevent damping off. Keep the seed tray damp in a warm position.

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