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Lessertia Frutescens

Lessertia Frutescens

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Lessertia Frutescens

Lessertia frutescens (previously Sutherlandia frutescens) is well-known for its medicinal properties, interesting balloon-like fruit capsules and incredibly bitter taste. Lessertia frutescens is a fast-growing, hardy shrublet that has been cultivated in gardens for many years. The silvery-grey leaves and loose clusters of luminous coral-red pea-shaped flowers appearing in spring to mid-summer makes it a very attractive garden subject. Although short-lived as a garden subject, they are perfect pioneers for a new garden. Cancer bush is easy to grow from seed, water-wise, and tolerant of many soil types. It is drought-resistant and enjoys well-draining soil. Part of the Fabaceae family, Lessertia frutescens is known to fix nitrogen in the soil.

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