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moraea vegeta

moraea vegeta

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In late spring flowers of matt yellow-brown are suffused with blue and purple, the falls having a yellow spotted basal patch. One of the most versatile plants around, this African native can tolerate virtually any soil conditions from drought to moist soil and requires little maintenance. From the South-western Cape, it usually bears more than two leaves, the spiky foliage adding perfect texture and interest to formal settings and blooms are produced over a long season through the spring and summer.

Grows in the winter rainfall areas of South Africa. The flowers are white with yellow stripes, sometimes blue.

It is a perennial plant producing annual growth up to 45cm tall from a perennial, underground corm.

The plant is sometimes gathered from the wild for local use as food.

Sow the seed thinly so that the young plants can be grown on in the pot without disturbance for their first year. Give an occasional liquid feed to ensure that the plants do not become nutrient deficient. 

Price is for 6 seeds

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