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Nelumbo nucifera white-water lily

Nelumbo nucifera white-water lily

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Nelumbo nucifera white, a rare and very beautiful variety of Nelumbo nucifera with white flowers. The so called sacred lotus is an aquatic perennial native to southern Asia and Australia. Nelumbo nucifera is intimately linked with the Buddhist religion, symbolizing vitality and purity. Along with its ornamental value, the sacred lotus is cultivated for food and traditional Chinese medicine. Virtually all parts of the sacred lotus can be eaten. Studies of the self-cleaning properties of the leaf surface have led to the development of a self-cleaning paint called Lotusan: see the Lotus Effect.

For sowing of aquatic plant seeds either use finely sifted soil or special water plant soil that is filled in deep pots (without organic material). Then sow the seeds on the soil and cover the seeds with a thin layer of gravel. Place the pots in a container of water so that the surface of the gravel is covered with about 1 cm of water. Put the pot on a bright place at a temperature around 68 - 77 F. As soon as the first pair of leaves has developed, the seedlings can be pricked out. Protect the seedlings from frost in the first winter.

price is for 4 seeds

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