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Nemophila Five Spot

Nemophila Five Spot

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Native to California, they can be grown virtually anywhere in the United States and in areas with similar climates. They are prized both for their prolific, striking flowers and their soft, fern-like foliage. Keep reading to learn more about growing five spot plants.

 They are reasonably compact - they grow to no more than 12 inches (30.5 cm) high and 8 inches (20.5 cm) wide and do not spread over the course of the summer. They prefer cool climates, germinating best in soil temperatures of 55-65 F. (13-18 C.). If your summers are particularly hot, don’t be discouraged. They should be able to survive if given lots of shade. They are annuals.

They do not transplant well, so direct sowing is recommended. Early in the spring, as temperatures are warming, sprinkle the seeds over the bare ground and cover lightly.

Price is for 15 seeds.

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