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Nepenthes Viking x Amp x Raff

Nepenthes Viking x Amp x Raff

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Nepenthes Viking x Amp x Raff

Nepenthes seeds can be started on chopped live sphagnum moss in very damp but not wet conditions. If the sphagnum starts to overgrow the seeds, pinch it back with a forceps. If you use dried long fibered sphagnum instead, you may re-hydrate it with boiling water to reduce contaminants somewhat. If you cook it too much, the moss breaks down and molds very easily when it is eventually contaminated. Another option that works very well is to use coir, also called coco peat. Make sure you get a brand that says something like the coir "is exposed to rain water from at least three monsoon seasons" on the label. I especially like coir that has a 50% to 75% content of long fibers. I am not sure it is available any more. An option would be to add washed perlite to the coir.

Sprinkle the seeds onto the surface of the medium, spray with pure water, and place the pots in plastic bags in warm temperatures, about 26°C to 32°C (80°F to 90°F). Plastic bags will keep the humidity high and will exclude fungus gnats and spores of mold and moss. The pots should be in light shade or under fluorescent lights. Germination can take from 4 weeks to almost a year. The fresher the seed, the stronger the seedlings and higher the germination rate.

Price is for 5 seeds

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