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Nymphaea ampla

Nymphaea ampla

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Nymphaea ampla is a herbaceous perennial in the Nymphaeaceae family. Common names dotleaf Waterlily, white lotus, and white water lily. A native to Texas, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Florida. They can pop out of the water 18" above the surface and spread out 8 feet under the water. It needs full sun for the best results. You can grow it in a container inside your home then transplant it to your pond or water feature. They bloom from July to September in a bright white and are 4-6 inches across. Zones 10-11


Add 2 inches of garden soil in a waterproof container 6 inches tall. Avoid soil with organic content or fertilizer. Add water until it reaches 1 inch above the top of the soil, then press down gently. Sow the seeds on top of the soil and spaced evenly 1 inch apart. Sprinkle a thin layer of white sand over them. Keep in a warm sunny location until the seeds sprout. Wait until a sprout forms one or two leaves that float on the surface of the water before you pluck it out. Plant it in a separate container and then move it to deeper water.

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