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Plumeria rubra Elsie

Plumeria rubra Elsie

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Plumeria rubra Elsie is also called the temple tree or frangipani.

This exotic, originating in Central and South America, is also common in Indonesia.

It is a hard worker when it comes to making flowers.

In the wild, the frangipani can grow into a small tree of 8 meters. With us in a tub, without pruning, it remains with a large tree / shrub of up to 3 meters.

If the plant becomes too big, it also tolerates pruning well, it is best to prune the plant back in early April and you can keep a plumeria around 100 cm.

She produces beautiful flowers in all kinds of colors and shapes for almost the entire season from May to the end of September.

Price is for 3 seeds

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