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Protea Aristata

Protea Aristata

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Protea aristata, called the Ladismith Sugarbush is an attractive erect shrub, with grey-green linear leaves and bright crimson flowers, native to South Africa.

A very attractive low-growing Protea in the form of a sprawling shrub that varies in size and can grow up to 1.3 m in diameter and 80cm in height.

Attractive colour foliage with flowers that form a dense mass in the centre with cream-coloured with red tips. The outer surface of the floral bracts is velvety hairy and deep purple-black, later turning rusty brown. Their inner surface is ivory to pale pink.

An excellent choice in landscaping as the plant more commonly grows close to the ground and can be used with dramatic effort if allow to spill over walls etc. 

Members of the Proteaceae are responsive to pre-treatment of smoke. Although germination will often occur without smoke treatment it has proved to be beneficial in reducing the number of days to germination and increasing germination rates in many species of the Proteaceae family 

Smoke treatments are simple and can be undertaken either by soaking the seed overnight or by applying to the surface after sowing, both provide good results. 

Price is for 4 seeds

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