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Ratibida Mexican Hat

Ratibida Mexican Hat

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  • A plant branched and leafy in lower part with long leafless stalks bearing flower heads of 3-7 yellow or yellow and red-brown, drooping rays surrounding a long, red-brown central disc. With sombrero-shaped flower heads, it is usually 1 1/2 ft. tall but can reach 3 ft. Flower petals range from dark red and yellow, to all red or all yellow. The flowers central brown disc protrudes 1/2 to 2 in. above the drooping petals. Leaves on the lower portion of the stem are feathery and deeply cleft.

    The colorful flower heads, resembling the traditional broad-brimmed, high-centered hat worn during Mexican fiestas, often bloom by the thousands. Green Prairie Coneflower (R. tagetes) has a spherical or oblong central disc and leaves closer to the flower head.

  • Plant a Mexican hat flower in the fall or spring for prolific summer and fall blooms.
  • Grow this clump-forming perennial in groups within a meadow, cottage, or wildflower garden, or at the back of borders in sunny gardens.
  • Choose a site with full sun, though it can tolerate slight shade.
  • Avoid planting Mexican hat flowers in moisture-rich or heavy clay soil. Add a small amount of compost only to poor-quality soil.
  • Water deeply and infrequently.

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