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Adansonia Gregorii- Australian Baobab

Adansonia Gregorii- Australian Baobab

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The Baobab tree can be easily identified by the swollen base of its trunk, which gives it a bottle-like shape. Some Baobab trees can have an extremely large trunk base, with a diameter of over five meters being recorded.
It typically loses its leaves during the dry winter season and produces new leaves and large white flowers between December and May.

The Baobab tree is found in the Kimberley region of Western Australia and extends east into the Northern Territory, and it is the only Adansonia species that occurs in Australia.

It can grow in different areas, as long as they are not exposed to frost. It prefers well-drained sandy soil with plenty of water during the growing season, but when it is dormant during the winter months, it prefers drier conditions.

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