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Gravesia Sp

Gravesia Sp

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Gravesia, a new species from upper elevations of Marojejy National Park in northeastern Madagascar, is herein described, illustrated, mapped, and compared with similar species. It is readily characterized by its sparingly branched habit, leaf blades coarsely serrate with a moderate to sparse lepidote indumentum on both surfaces, inflorescence of few-flowered dichasia, calyx obsolete or evident as depressed truncate undulations with prominent calyx teeth that are laterally compressed when fresh, filaments with rusty-brown glandlike indumentum, and dorso-basal staminal appendages linear-oblong and widely spreading to coiled. A conservation assessment of Vulnerable is recommended for this species based on IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria.

Germination Techniques: Botanists use two techniques to germinate orchid seeds. The first, symbiotic germination, is a complicated process that requires use of mycorrhizal fungi, as described above. The second, asymbiotic germination, involves germinating seeds in vitro, using agar, a jellylike substance that contains necessary nutrients and growth hormones. Asymbiotic germination, also known as flasking, is easier, quicker, and more reliable for growing orchids from seed at home.

Please be aware these seeds are dust like.

Price is for between 50/100 seeds

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