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Dicrocaulon Ramulosum

Dicrocaulon Ramulosum

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Dicrocaulon ramulosum is a popular species of succulent plants, belonging to the family Apricaceae, with fleshy leaves arranged like rabbit ears and ornamental value. Dicrocaulon ramulosum is mainly distributed in southern Africa, Oceania and the central Pacific region and other tropical arid areas.

Before planting, Dicrocaulon ramulosum spreads a layer of sand evenly on the surface of the soil, wetting the sand with a watering can, and then spreads the seeds evenly over the sand bed. Because the seeds of Dicrocaulon ramulosum are small, you can also mix the planting soil with fine sand before sowing.In order to increase the germination rate, the sowing site needs to be dense and no soil should be applied after sowing.

\price is for 10 seeds

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