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Etlingera elatior Red (Red Torch Ginger)

Etlingera elatior Red (Red Torch Ginger)

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Etlingera elatior (also known as torch ginger, ginger flower, red ginger lily, torchflower, torch lily, wild ginger, combrang, kecombrang, bunga kantan, Philippine wax flower and porcelain rose) is a species of herbaceous perennial plant in the family Zingiberaceae; it is native to Thailand, Malesia and New Guinea.

The showy pink flowers are used in decorative arrangements, and are an important ingredient across Southeast Asia.

The species grows as a pseudostem from a rhizome; it takes about 18-22 days for the first leaf to grow from the rhizome. The leafy shoot lasts for about 70 days and may reach a height of 3-4 metres. Its leaves are leathery and grow around 3 feet (0.91 m) long with a central groove.

The flower bud appears from the shoot after 30 days, it swells gradually and turns pink before blooming after more than 50 days. The inflorescence is made of 20-25 layers of floral bracts and 3-4 layers of involuntary bracts at full bloom; it may have 90-120 true flowers inside.

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