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Pachypodium Geayi

Pachypodium Geayi

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Description: Pachypodium geayi is an extraordinarily decorative bottle-shaped tree, 4-7(-8) m high whit stem and branches metallic grey thick and succulent. It strongly resemble cereiform cacti, with highly succulent, cylindrical stems armed with sharp spines. P. geayi is often confused with the more common Pachypodium lamerei, but easily distinguished by having thinner leaves accented with a prominent midrib of a different colour than the rest of the leaf and in the hairs which adorn the young branches and the leaves. P. geayi is one of the largest of the Madagascar species and may be regarded as more decorative than Pachypodium lamerei.
Pachycaule trunk (caudex): Generally unbranched, wholly above ground, columnar, thick, elongated, cigar- or bottle-shaped, 3-6 m long, 15-30 cm in diameter at the base, gradually thickened above up to 40-80 cm, young growth covered entirely with silvery grey felt. Older parts with greyish white to yellowish white papery bark. The trunk contains as much as 91.5% water.
Secondary branches: Few to several only at the summit of the trunk, candelabra-like, more or less horizontal, somewhat stubby.
Leaves: Tufted at the very tips of the branches, thin, linear-lanceolate, narrowing at the top, up to 40 cm long, upper surface glossy grey-green or dark-green, with a bright pink mid-rib. Plants that are stressed by intense heat, cold or lack of water tend to have darker leaves, still, almost purple in colour.
Flowers: The plant has white flowers with recurved corolla lobes and exerted stamens on a rather lax inflorescence.

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