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Pyracantha coccinea

Pyracantha coccinea

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The firethorn or piracanta (Pyracantha coccinea M.Roem.) Is a species of shrubby plant of the genus Pyracantha in the Rosaceae family.


It looks very similar to the Cotoneaster genus, with which it can be confused, but basically they differ in that the Pyracantha genus has serrated leaves, and is spiny.


Perennial or semi-perennial shrub, resistant, 1.5 to 2 m high, although it can exceed 3 m. Grayish brown trunk, thorny branches, and intricate. Leaves are leathery, petiolate, toothed, lanceolate, alternate, shiny on the upper surface.


Very abundant flowers, white to light yellow, small and in clusters, with five rounded petals. The fruits are small poms that ripen from late summer to fall, colored red, orange or yellow, and remain on the branches during the fall and winter seasons. It has astringent properties and is food for many birds; the fruits can be cooked to make jellies, jams, etc.

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