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Drosanthemum Micans

Drosanthemum Micans

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Drosanthemum micans (Robertson Dewflower) - A low growing, dense and compact subshrub to 2 feet tall by a bit wider with opposite narrow and equal length bright green succulent leaves. Notably flowering nearly year-round in coastal California gardens, its primary bloom season is spring with its 2 inch wide flowers rising well above the foliage that emerge first with red buds that open to display the many very showy red outer petal and bright chrome yellow inner petals, giving the flowers a bicolor look with vivid yellow centers surrounded by a red edge. Plant in full sun. Is quite tolerant of dry conditions, even unirrigated situations, but will be a much better display when given at least an occasional watering. Tolerates both extreme hot temperatures and temperatures down to around 25° F. Trim back plants in late fall for best spring show. 

They grow easily from seed. To speed up germination, allow the seeds to soak in hot water for a day before sowing. Do not boil the seeds in the water. Sow seeds in autumn or summer in a seed tray of river sand, scatter over a large area, as overcrowding of seeds will cause damping off. Care should be taken to sprinkle the sown area lightly with river sand. Place seed tray in a sunny position, keep the soil medium moist (use a mist sprayer) and after two weeks the seeds will germinate

Price is for 5 seeds.

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