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Fargesia Jiushaigou 4 Black cherry

Fargesia Jiushaigou 4 Black cherry

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Fargesia Jiuzhaigou 4 Bamboo non invasive clumping bamboo. Seeding from northern Sichuan, China. This is the most beautiful bamboo known today and it doesn't spread. Color varies from black and green to red and yellow and almost translucent yellow.
 Garden bamboo Jiuzhaigou 4 'Black Cherry'

All Fargesia are planted without tubs and without a rhizome barrier . All Fargesia species and varieties do not sprout roots , so they grow in clumps, like perennials or grass, and can also be cultivated as smaller clumps (bushes) by cutting them off with a spade.
A boundary with lawn edging stones set in concrete with tongue and groove 100 x 30 cm on the long sides is possible.
The width (not the length) of the planting area should not be less than 1 meter.
All Fargesia grow much better in humus-rich, nutrient-rich soil. Planting in bamboo soil is ideal . Otherwise you should make a soil improvement. Mix as follows: 1/3 peat, 1/3 7-15 grit pine bark or compost and 1/3 of your garden soil. The addition of clay granules (e.g. seramis, lava split, possibly also pumice gravel ) increases the water storage significantly and the substrate remains more airy, so that the plants root faster and better. Then the fertilization with bamboo fertilizer is fertilized from March to June at intervals of 4 weeks 3 times.

All cultivars of Fargesia spec. Jiuzhaigou grow more upright in the north German coastal area, Schleswig-Holsten, north Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg and Denmark than in warmer areas. The culms mature faster (become hard faster) and leaf later. This way the new stems are not bent (pressed) down by the weight of the new leaves.
In warmer regions , all varieties of Fargesia should be planted in shady or partial shade. In sunny locations, the soil heats up too much and should be covered with a layer of pine bark, 7-15 grit , about 5 centimeters thick 

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