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Ledebouria Hypoxidioides

Ledebouria Hypoxidioides

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A highly unique species in the genus since it is the only species with leaves that are densely covered with shaggy hairs. This species is also only known to occur in the vicinity of Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.

Propagation from seed is the best method of producing new plants. Seed must be sown fresh (cannot be stored) in spring or summer, in deep seed trays filled with the sifted potting mixture, detailed above. The seed can be sown on a firmly tamped surface and pressed into the soil, then lightly covered with the same mixture, approximately 2–3 mm deep. The seed trays should be kept in a bright, warm position out of direct sunlight and kept damp for between 2 to 3 weeks, until germination has commenced. Once the seedlings have emerged, watering can be reduced. The seedlings can be pricked out into community pots or individual containers after their first year of growth. Repotting should be done shortly before the onset of warmer temperatures.

Price is for 5 seeds

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