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Silver Rock Palm Brahea sp. Super Silver

Silver Rock Palm Brahea sp. Super Silver

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  Silver Rock Palm Brahea sp. Super Silver This recently discovered species come from Central Mexico and grows at altitudes of around 1800m. The bright silver-white colour of the leaves makes this species particularly distinctive. It is hardy to -10° C, but is generally best pot grown in milder climates so it can be kept indoors during the winter. It is a low-maintenance palm but will benefit from regular feeding. Germination- Soak seeds for 24 hours in warm water.- Sow the seeds covering them lightly with the compost.- Cover the pot with a large, plastic bag and place in a warm area, onto a heat mat or inside a propagator.- It is important that the seeds are kept warm: around 30-35° (86-95° F).- The seeds can take longer than 2-6 weeks to germinate and can occasionally be sporadic.

price is for 5 seeds

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