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Xerophyllum Tenax ( Bear Grass )

Xerophyllum Tenax ( Bear Grass )

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Xerophyllum Tenax ( Bear Grass )

Native Americans have long used Bear-grass for a variety of purposes. Leaves were used for basket weaving, leaf fibers for clothing and the rhizomes roasted for food. Eastern prairie tribes boiled the roots for a hair tonic and the treatment for sprains. Elk and deer forage on the flower stalks.

Xerophyllum tenax has flowers with six sepals and six stamens borne in a terminal raceme. The plant is a perennial herb[4] that can grow to 15–150 cm in height. It grows in bunches with the leaves wrapped around and extending from a small stem at ground level. The leaves are 30–100 cm long and 2–6 mm wide, dull olive green with toothed edges. The slightly fragrant white flowers emerge from a tall stalk that bolts from the base. 

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